6b tariff and pipe levy

Have your say and influence the decision on the punitive level 6b water tariff and the pipe levy.

Your input will be added to our report which will be delivered to the Mayor (your personal details will not be disclosed). We require mass participation to validate a true reflection of Cape Town citizens, so please have your say.

Should you be unsure, please read the live comments or summary, below the form.  Closing date is 14 September 2018.

16024 active Cape Town citizens on this campaign, so far.

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Do you think the 6b water tariff and pipe levy should be dropped?
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Yes I do
since water restrictions were enforced I have been diligent to save water and what happens ? We get punished for it. So unfair when there are many non paying people out there misusing our precious water. I feel I cannot afford to be here anymore but that probably what you want. The cost of living is affecting us all and this on top for being careful and honest about water conservation is the total pits. Seriously wrong and for again not targeting the whole Cape Town population but those that as usual carry the can. Sick of it. Seriously sick of it
Prof Phil
Yes I do
Many of us are saving every drop that we can. My wife and I are pensioners, imagine having to pay most of your pension for utilities. Pensioners should get a drastic reduction since they have carried the torch and did their utmost to build the country while they gave their all. They deserve a break in their sunset years. It would be interesting to see what would happen if strict fiscal policies were followed in the municipalities, if fully qualified people were in charge irrespective of colour, race, or creed, if all the stolen money was returned, if wastage was a word of the past-no wastage- the watchword. Irresponsible spending to stop. We cannot build a nation, let alone a municipality while there is wholesale corruption and looting. The poor and the pensioners suffer the most. "Something is rotten" and the rot must not spread. Save the poor and pensioners, give them a break, reduce charges. In fact, the entire nation should benefit from a strict, firm and fair fiscal policy.
Yes I do
A concerted effort was made, and still is made by the greater part of Cape Town to reduce its water consumption, and hence punitive measures - yes this is what is is, irrespective of what City bosses advocate, should be dropped.
Yes I do
As a pensioner, we are struggling every day as it is.
Yes I do
It's plain and simple.... It's a total Ripoff!!!! We, the citizens are sick & tired of being levied for a basic necessity, so why should we be penalised with a Pipe Levy because the Powers that Be are incompetent, had no forsight, refused to acknowledge prior warnings etc.
What levy will be next ...... for the air that we breathe ????


Current Dam Water Levels – 18/9/2018
Major dams Storage
Ml %
Capacity when full    18/9/2018
Berg River 130 010 98.5
Steenbras Lower 33 517 87.8
Steenbras Upper 31 767 95.1
Theewaterskloof 480 188 53
Voëlvlei 164 095 83.8
Wemmershoek 58 644 90.8
Total Stored Ml 898 221 633 227
Total % Storage 70.5


[LISTEN] Sputnik Ratau, spokesperson for the Department of Water and Sanitation says tariffs are responsibility of local government.


Earlier this week the Mayor of Cape Town responded to our letter of 21 August, wherein we requested clarity on a number of issues to be addressed at the City’s month-end budget adjustment meeting. Some of the issues we raised were;
– the punitive 6b charges,
– the pipe levy
– increased sewage charges
– revenue overcollection by the City

We are now requesting your input on these points so we can present the City with a true reflection of the voice of the people. Your input will be added to our report which will be delivered to the Mayor (your personal details will not be disclosed).

6b tariff

Important to note; this is not a petition but is a step in an essential Participative Democracy process protected under the SA Constitution. Your comment is immediately registered as a unique entry and must, by law, be individually acknowledged and considered. Had this been a petition, all comments would be seen as a single submission. This process forms a solid foundation for a legal case should the necessity arise.

By using this service you ensure an accurate record is held by civil society (on our encrypted database) so government cannot dispute facts or figures. 


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