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Yes I do
Yes I do
because we just keep paying and the money keeps getting stolen .
Yes I do
You are killing us with levies and taxes. Please help us. if you dont change your attitude towards local poor and middle class.
Yes I do
My neighbour has brought it to my attention that the water meter reader struggled to find and read my meter.....I checked it out and discovered that it's overgrown with weeds and covered with lots of sand where does the reading come from monthly and must I clean out where the meter is in the road......and paying a levy on a pipe for what......why not put acid in the water one are already slowly killing us.
Yes I do
they continue ripping us
Yes I do
Due to the tough times, I cannot afford even the most basic need such as bread. They need to cut it as I am already paying for water and sewerage
Yes I do
I have a blue meter and out water is still switched off despite the change
Yes I do
You are killing us with levies and taxes. I am going to start campaigning against the DA and CoCT if you dont change your attitude towards local poor and middle class. Watch & learn.
No I do not
Whilst It is inconvenient to not to be able to use more water, I have adapted so well that I cannot fathom why I used so much water before the water shortage. I save so much water nowadays.
However, I feel that we still need to be very very careful. The summer is going to have high temperatures again this summer and we are still within the 7 year cycle of dryness.
The dam water needs to be conserved otherwise we shall be in the same predicament as last year.

I do not think house owners should pay for water meters as the meters are situated on council property.
Yes I do
There is a seeming lack of logic and inequality in how COCT is constructing its water scenario.
First, please remember that the person who pays your salary is your boss. Your boss is going to speak and you may not like the outcome.
Go back to first 6kl free.
Stop charging pipe levy. Its extortion. Isn't that why we pay rates? Stop hiding rates increases this way.
Be as generous to the lower quantity users as you are to the higher quantity users.
It appears that you have benefited from the past water prices and restrictions enough to be able to announce a better cash flow in Parliament. Go back to old water restrictions that stop the washing of cars and watering of gardens.
Yes I do
More like extortion. I feel violated by the ridiculously high rates and taxes. Just stop it now.
Yes I do
This is a comparison of City of Cape Town bills paid from May 2017. This is the real
% increase to me as home owner of 8 Woodmere Street Barrington Sunningdale
I would like to know if others in Cape Town have also had huge % increases like this
May 2017 R916.99 May 2018 1142.70 24.61%
June 2017 R941.03 June 2018 1142.24 21.38%
July 2017 R941.03 July 2018 1328.83 41.21%
August 2017 R763.45 August 2018 1282.61 68.00%
September 2017 R826.37 September 2018 1450.83 75.57%
October 2017 R853.02 October 2018 1244.33 45.87%
November 2017 R844.70 November 2018 1122.70 32.91%
December 2017 R873.13 December 2018 1405.03 60.92%
January 2018 R815.62
February 2018 R906.47
March 2018 R797.92
April 2018 R972.46

68% 75% and 61% increase year on year is CRIMINAL!!!!!

Yes I do
Bloody rip-off. The pipes have always been there, why should we have to pay for them now?
No I do not
It didnt rain enough
Yes I do
The pipes were laid before I was born. Who got the bright idea to come up with a cash cow? Yes the poor exco members need financial balance to be able to pay themselves performance bonuses for collection of extra finance. Maybe a golden handshake for messing up big Time. Kildare Road springs water running into the sea. What a bloody mess. Law unto themselves. DA messed up very well.
Yes I do
It's a rip off 🙁
Norman and Norma
Yes I do
We are two pensioners who live off one small private pension and we each get a Sassa pension. We own our own house and are responsible for all service charges add to this the increasing food and cost of living expense...we are really struggling then COCT thinks its ok to penalise us with increased charges for matters which COCT should be held responsible ... Our rates, water, refuse, sewerage charges have risen from average in 2017 of R420.00 to R900.00 in 2018. WE USE AVERAGE OF 3kl PER MONTH AND UNDERGO ALL SORTS OF WATER SAVING METHODS...TO WHAT RESULT? ...WE ARE PENALISED WITH FIXED BASIC CHARGE... THIS FOR DOING OUR BIT FOR THE WATER SAVING SITUATION... DROP THE WATER TARIFF AND PIPE LEVY!!!!!

Yes I do
I am using brown (water that I have used already) for my toilets and flowers fruit trees etc. Saving lots of water.
Yes I do
The water is way over charged in western cape and such high rate of unemployment add more negative Ty on the economy. Water was never s issue here. I feel this rate is do unfair towards pensioners
Yes I do
We are already paying a lot of money to the city and things are expensive, so we can't afford to pay this. You drive us out of the city as especially pensioners can not afford more and more levies. Are these levied designed to feed some FAT CATS or to pay for mismanagement .

The pipe levy is unethical as I did not have a say in something installed over 20 years ago.

People who refuse to pay for water suddenly get free water up to 11 Kl. This is absolutely unfair, unethical and borders to daylight robbery.

Yes I do
These new extortionist levies are not only intrinsically punitive in nature but also profoundly discriminatory in the sense that they go counter to the declared intention of turning Cape Town into a modern integrated and inclusive urban space.
Yes I do
We are already paying a lot of money to the city and things are expensive, so we can't afford to pay this.
Yes I do
There is no material or commercial justification for these charges whatsoever. Like all municipalities, the primary mission of the City of Cape Town is service provision - not profiteering!
Yes I do
ek is so gatvol vir hierdie stad wat onophoudelik geld uit ons sakke steel sonder om dinge ordentlik te bedink. ek weet nie wie hierdie besluite neem nie maar dis die mees bisarre ben sinlose besluite wat mens kan kry. kom ons begin by die water prys....dink julle almal is onnosel? verbeel jou die mense wat die meestewater gebruik kry die grootste afslag? is julle van jull sinne beroof ? ons arme mense wat ons arms stomp werk om water te spaar, word in die tande geskop met slegs 'n nikseggende verlaging....het julle vetkatte in die raadsale werklik gan kyk wat dit beteken. sekerlik nie.. en dan die grootste onreg..die mense wat net weier om einge water te betaal, kry skielik 10 of 11 kl gratis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! met sovel water kan jy blerrie wassery anhou. mar dink jy die vetkatte van die stad kwel hulle daaroor? nee, daar is mos genoeg sogenamde bevoorrregtes wat julle kan besteel met absurde belastings om die boekte laat klop......en dit hou net nie op nie...lke nou en dan dink julle idiote 'n nuwe streek uit om ons te besteel......soos nou met die pypbelasting......julle raak nou nes so erg soos die owerhede met die petrol levy? as da geld kort , kom ons dink nuwe belasting uit en so donder julle voort sonder om te DINK want dink is beslis nie een van julle sterkpunte nie. as iemand vir my kan verduidelik wat die dikte van pyp te doen het met waterverbruik, sal ek graag daardie sinlose redenasie wil hoordit gaan mos oor die kiloliters..of dit nou deur dik of dunner pyp gaan. maar nee julle vetkatte verrstaan net hoe om ons uit te roei.en wie het besluit wie se pyp is dik en wie se pyp is dun...wil u vir my se hierdie useless raad het elke pyp gaan ondersoek? in on kompleks is 6 huise...almal gbou deur dieselfde bouer....4 het dun pype en 2 het dik pype....wie het dit bepaal? ek se nou vir u niemand het dit bepaal ni! di sommer lukraak bepaal soos al die ander sinlose besluite van die "stad wat vir ons werk" al wat u op werk is planee om on betalers verder te plunder....nesso baie van di "ander plekke"..........EK WIL JULLE DA VETKATTE VANDAG WEER WAARSKU, JULLE IS BESIG OM ONS S KIESERS DEUR JULLE GATTE TE TREK!!! EN JULLE GAAN DIT SIEN BY DIE VERKIESING MAAR DIT SAL TE LAAT WEES. MOENIE DAN WIL HUIL NIE..........EN WAT HET ONS DAN ...'N ANC STAD WATD IT WAT NOG OORGEBLY FINAAL IN DIE MOERAS VAN KORRUPSIE EN WANBESTUUR GAAN LAAT VERDWYN.. maar dit pla u blykbaar nie.. HOU OP RONDVAL IN DI HOFSALE EN ONDERLINGE TWIS EN BESTUUR DIE STAD ASB..........HOU OP OM ONS UIT ONS HUISE TE BELAS WANT AS JULLE ONS EERS UIT HET EN JULLE PROP DIE PLEKKE VOL VAN DIE WANBETALERS WA GAAN DIE INKOMSTE DAN VANDAAN KOM? WORD WAKKKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes I do
The pipe levy is unethical as I did not have a say in something installed over 20 years ago.

I also believe that the 200 l/ day allocation to all residents be reinstated.

Agents selling water and electricity are an abomination. It just proves the CO CT cannot do the job properly and that someome else charges us an additional fee to do this. This increas the price!!