Brackenfell social development

Have your say on the social housing development planned for erf 9702, Brackenfell.

You are requested to provide input as objection or support of the development. Should you be unsure, please read the live comments or summary, below the form.  Closing date is 14 September 2018.

1023 active Cape Town citizens on this campaign, so far.

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No, I object to the development
Bad Infrastructure!!
No, I object to the development
The traffic is already terrible and cannot handle the amount of people in the area!
No, I object to the development
The area is overcrowded!! This will only cause much more issues with the flow of traffic and im sorry to say but this will have a negative impact on the surrounding areas as the value will be affected.

That area can used for other purposes or in fact leave it as is.. We need open areas as such.. please dont over populate this area, its already overcrowded as is. I do not support the development
No, I object to the development
I strongly object to this. Our properties that we paid and are still struggling to pay are going to be devalued because of this.
No, I object to the development


Residents have until 14 September to make comments  or objections about the 250-flat social housing complex in Ruwari, planned to be completed in the next financial year. Rentals will range between R800 and R3600 per month. According to a presentation by section 21 social housing company Madulammoho, the estate will include a social assistance centre (Hope Centre), that will assist poor people in the Brackenfell area. The City of Cape Town is selling the 11 334m2 land to Madulammoho at a discounted price of R3.3m, which is an estimated 10% of the current market value.

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