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2019-09-15 20:47:23 +02:00
I read through the “PROPOSED REZONING” document. Here are my comments on just some of the points:

1. On page 2 is states in terms of Sec 120 (11) of the MPBL we can ask for an oral submission. The public meeting held at the Brackenfell Town Hall must not be seen as such.

2. When looking at the map that indicates which relevant residents had been notified, it includes the Traffic Dept., Industrial area and commercial properties but virtually nobody below Kruispad. Waste of resources in my opinion.

3. (Sec A 1.) The developer is pushing for the relaxing of the parking requirements and boundary lines. If it is not granted, the plan will not comply with the MPBL, as there is not enough space to build such a big development. This is disguised with hammering on social development of the poor and homeless. The “training” is another smoke screen, and one must read carefully what they say. The “HOPE CENTRE” can also be used as accommodation, thus making that basically just a fancy accommodation block.

4. (Sec B 2, Pg 3) Madulammoho Association is a social partner of the CoCT that delivers subsidised housing. Who is subsidising what here?

5. (pg4) It is stated that this project was initiated by the “LOCAL WARD COUNCILLOR”. Who was this person? Was it discussed with the community effected? Where and when?

6. (pg 4) According to their documentation, this HOPE CENTRE forms part of the development. The whole idea is for training and development. What training will be presented as it is senseless to provide un-accredited training as the learner still has no training qualification. Look at the amemdment of the new NQF Act passed this year. Training centres need to comply with standards of SAQA and the SETA’s. Does the plan comply – no. Who is going to do this and pay for it?

7. (pg 6) A pre-application meeting was held to address issues in Point 5 on page 6. There is a lot of assumptions made that is not supported by fact. It is stated that the “project architects did however not take notes of the meeting but responded to the relevant official by e-mail”. This e-mail is not attached yet was it is seen as a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting.

8. (5.2, pg 8) The description used by the developer in motivation creates the impression that community facilities, churches, Medi Clinic and schools are in the immediate vicinity. No indication of the type of churches are given as this is a predominantly Afrikaans speaking community. Secondly the Bastion primary school is overflowing. How far is the closest clinic to this development? Nobody is mentioning that fact.

9. (Sec D 6.1, pg 13) The development proposal refers to the needs of homeless, unemployed and vulnerable persons in the broader Brackenfell community. Was a proper needs analyses done to determine the number of the target group that are involved. What are their needs, or this is an assumption made by the developer to gain sympathy? The developer wishes to create a “node” for social services. Is this not a task for the municipality/ Dept. of Health? Was an assessment or needs analyses done with the other welfare structures? Can they give proof?

10. (6.3 pg 16) The developer suggests that the parking area forms part of the “public squares” by making the assumption that they would be empty during the day time for utilisation by the residence. This is another assumption made to fudge the facts. If the people are unemployed and homeless, they are not going to be moving about in their vehicles, so the vehicles would remain in the parking area. There is no open space for the residence to relax in, so they might as well go sit on the street corners. 130 parking spots for 216 apartments – it won’t work and the residential area is going to have to deal with the overflow.

11. (pg 19) The Hope Centre is not going to be a full time working centre, as it will only be open “a few times a week”. What is the purpose of having a centre that only provides a temporary service, although the impression is created they are helping non-stop. This also applies to the “kids and holiday programs”, space, age and activities? This is a smokescreen.

12. (pg 21) Why would the developer wish to create a barrier between the residence and the development with Kruispad? Just another smoke screen

13. (pg 22) Another argument by the developer is to claim that staff of the Hope Centre will not impact on parking space of the residence in the development. These are roughly 8 – 10 parking bays and the need for staff parking bays be disregarded. They don’t have enough space for this development on that land. On page 27 the developer does a U-turn claiming that the Hope Centre and the development residence will be sharing parking, so there is more than enough.

14. (8.2.3 pg 35, 36) Refers to public transport. The TAXI route past the station was not approved, yet it would appear as if that decision is going to be overruled. On what authority, as there is no taxi or bus route this side of Brackenfell.

15. (9.2 pg 40, 41) An assumption is made by the developer that this development will have no negative impact on the residential area of Brackenfell. This sentiment is included in a traffic assessment. The fact of the matter is that 130 plus vehicles are coming onto Kruispad. They must be blind not to notice that!

2019-09-14 23:31:04 +02:00
This will invite unsavoury characters into our area crime will increase property values will drop traffic congestion increase and taxi problems increase
2019-09-13 08:16:20 +02:00
The start of the fall for Brackenfell
2019-09-12 16:36:42 +02:00
This will only congest an already over developed suburb. Brackenfell roads cannot sustain the current traffic, let alone the traffic increase this will cause. Property values will be negatively influenced. The area does not have enough schools to support the need of the current residents, let alone the influx of new residents to the area this will cause. This erf could be utilized for much more constructive purposes. This already developed area will only be impacted negatively by a development of this sorts.
2019-09-12 14:03:52 +02:00
Good day

We oppose the development at Erf 9702, 10 Affodil street, Ruwari, Brackenfell, as we feel we are being lied to by all the stakeholders. At the meeting with City of Cape Town 10-09-2019, we were told by Mrs Nieuwoudt that the municipality has NOT sold the land to the developers as yet. However, Tygerburger has published numerous articles about the fact that the land was indeed sold to the developers at R3.3 million rand. I am quite confident a newspaper will not publish lies, as they will risk being sued for defamation by COCT. So why is Mrs Nieuwoudt saying the deal was not done yet?

At the same meeting we were told that the development WILL continue, whether we object or not. So why the smoke and mirrors then of asking us to send objections & comments and attend meetings, if the decision has already been made and COCT is moving forward with this?
• By building 250 flats we are looking at an average of 500 (where couples will live in a flat) – 1000 people (couple + 2 kids per flat) on this small piece of land
• With the provisioning of 0.55 parking bays per unit for tenants, and 0.25 parking bays for their visitors, it will have the causal effect that +- 125 vehicles of tenants AND +- 75 visitors will park in Affodil street and up in Reservoir street. These streets are not wide enough and will therefore cause immense traffic congestion for road users, as well as residents of Affodil and Reservoir street. Residents in Reservoir and Affodil street will find it difficult to leave their driveways if other vehicles are parked in front of it, in the street.
• There will be no space to place +-60 wheelie bins for 250 flats outside on Mondays. It will again cause traffic congestion as the waste vehicles will spend longer amounts of time to collect waste.
• Socio-economic issues such as unemployment and over population may contribute to higher crime rates in the area
• Properties will decrease in value and current home owners will struggle to sell at a market related value.
• Ruwari is an old suburb. Therefore no provisioning was made to carry the extra traffic and congestion.
• Sewerage systems and electricity supply will be under enormous pressure, as again it was never planned to expand to accommodate so many extra people.
• Schools are already under pressure with the amount of learners. More learners will add even more pressure to the schools system.
• The closest clinic at Brackenfell municipality will be put under tremendous strain as another +-1000 people will need their services
• Who will maintain this building going forward? And if the stakeholders stop maintenance of the building, who’s problem will it become then?
• How will residents with no vehicles get to and from work? No bus services are available in that area.
• With the amount of buildings, such as the industrial area, office parks and residential area, this little green belt should rather be protected and developed to attract birds and make it a safe park where children can play and people can walk their dogs, or go for a walk/jog.
• This type of development belongs in an area which is currently under development (for example Haasendal), where infrastructure such as roads, electricity and sewerage systems can be tailormade to accommodate the amount of people that need to be serviced.

We bought a property in Affodil Street a few months ago. The aim of the transaction was to obtain a primary home in a quiet, peaceful safe suburb. We put all our savings into this home and feel we should have a fair chance to have our property value grow with time.

Homeowner 36 Affodil street
2019-09-12 13:54:13 +02:00
I see this development as a degrading factor for the Ruwari area. There are so many negative aspects that goes along with such a development. Can the water and sanitation infrastructure accommodate it? I've seen a lot of burst pipes in the Brackenfell area already, poor water pressure etc. Now there is a hope centre planned for as well. Who will this hope centre service and where are all these people going to come? I can just imagine all the people queuing at the centre. Consider the pollution that goes along with such a development and what elements it will attract. What is currently a peaceful neighborhood will later become a walkthrough path as people will start finding short cuts through the houses to get to shops etc. This will in turn make things difficult to identify if it is people from the area walking about or is it incomers looking to commit crime. The safety of our community is at stake. We would require an increase in police visibility to ensure the area remains safe. Property values will surely drop. New taxi an bus routes will be established that will cause an increase in traffic and unnecessary congestion on the already busy road crossing. Lastly has it been considered what it would do to the character of the neighborhood in terms of the first thing you see and experience when you enter Ruwari?
I feel that the land could be used for something more constructive and to the benefit of the neighborhood and its occupants.
2019-09-12 12:41:03 +02:00

To whom I might concern,

We were at a council meeting on 10 September 2019 and was instructed to send an email with questions and/or objections.

My problem with the development that is going to be build on erf: 9702 in Affodil street, Ruwari is that it is right across the way from my house. I have recently purchased this house and was not notified of such developments taken place. The whole reason why I bought my is because of the magnificent view of table mountain. Now the developers are wanting to put up a four-story block of flats right in front of my house.

What precautions have been taken with regards to privacy? I would not appreciate it if someone can see into my yard while my family swims in the pool!

What measures have been taken to possible noise complaints?
With the amount of people that is going to move in to that block of flats, it will become very noisy. It is a very quiet area at te moment! Pleasant!

Have you done research with regards to the sewage systems? A month ago a pipe burst right in front of my house, which the council took ages to come and fix.

How will you get water pressure to a four story block of flats without improving all the water pipes in this area?!

Brackenfell is an industrial area and we need the field for greenery.

We as a community just don’t want anything to be built on this field. Why do you want to overpopulate such a lovely area that will attract criminals.

Thank you,

Renaldo Wales 3 Affodil street, Ruwari
2019-09-12 12:37:28 +02:00
My property will have no value. Crime will increase.
Traffic flow will increase.
Not enough schools
2019-09-12 12:30:19 +02:00
Densification is understood. However in this case a single residential atea with a density of 40 people per Ha is now densified in a single Hectar by putting 250 flats that can potentially house 700 people
- Current population density for entire area: 40 people per Ha

- proposed: 700 people on just ONE Ha.

This is extreme densification and does not align with the City's densification policy for Single Residential area.
2019-09-12 12:29:20 +02:00
Ruwari is a established area and such development do not fit in. Its going to look bad. Visitors of tenants will park in affodil street where we stay. They will block our driveway. The development will decrease the value of property in ruwari because people who want to buy a house dont want to buy near low cost housing period. It will bring more crime more of every bad thing there is. We bought a property with HARD earned money and pay high municipal fees taxes so it is unfair to us that this tenants going to pay just their rent.
We dont want it.
Build play parks for kids schools clinics anything but this development. The country must have a law in place for the amount of children you may have like in other countries. Our country is over populated and now we must pay for them that is crazy. The development was kept under the radar because of the fact that the developers knew that nobody would want it here. That is like work of a devil.


The call for comment was reopened by Grant Twigg and Malusi Booi at the meeting on 10 September 2019.
Mr. Twigg said it will stay open indefinitely:
The 250-flat social housing complex in Ruwari, planned to be completed in the next financial year. Rentals will range between R800 and R3600 per month. According to a presentation by section 21 social housing company Madulammoho, the estate will include a social assistance centre (Hope Centre), that will assist poor people in the Brackenfell area. The City of Cape Town is selling the 11 334m2 land to Madulammoho at a discounted price of R3.3m, which is an estimated 10% of the current market value.

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