The City of Cape Town has asked for your comment on an application to re-zone approximately 22 hectares of Stellenbosch Farm in Somerset West to accommodate a multi-level Casino and parking garage, and a 120 room Hotel.

You are encouraged to object or support the application by providing comment below. Should you be at a loss for words, read the live comments, a summary or official documents below the form. Feel free to copy and paste into the message area provided.   Closing date is midnight 6 August 2018.

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No, I object to the development.
Why take away farming fields if the economy is already down. Plant more foodstuff to support our poorer community. There is enough entertainment in and around Cape Town. Why cater only for the rich all the time
No, I object to the development.
Geez nooo please stop adding to unemployment and as so many already stated destroying peoples lives through gambling..provide alternate solutions to alleviate poverty in Western Cape! Our region is over crowded and over populated by other regions people flocking to WC....this development is the worse solution ever. Create training and development centres. Create training while farming on that land and produce food etc. Help people learn about farming, woodwork, metal work etc. Tradesman and add to the

WC economy. Unless this fuels an already strategic plan to destroy the already weak population whom are struggling to make ends meet.
No, I object to the development.
Gambling is for Kings and fools!
How many Kings will be gambling!
Leads to great disasters in the household and the public are already stretched to keep their heads above water!
No one can win, only the Casino!
The odds are far too high!
Kings and fools
No, I object to the development.
A Casino does not create a healthy environment. People gamble away their lives savings and leave their families destitute. The elders because of loneliness and boredom find themselves spending many hours there. Let us build things that will create a healthy society.

As a nation we live as prisoners in our own homes because people steal and kill because of the life styles they live. I know perhaps this may not apply to those who are addicted to gambling but the result of this can cause the children to be traumatised and play out in different ways.

As a South African I am terrified for the years ahead in this country because of corruption and greed. Everyone wants to fill their pockets and they are not interested who they hurt or break in the process.


Pamela Morris
Yes, I support the development.
Yes from a gambling point of view as other casino are monopolising on their existing clientelle. On the other hand due to previous exprience of paying a tender fee of R500 to granwest to tender for pest control the monies were taken from all the companies big and one man shows and day of site inspection not entry was given, how could any company give a price .
It was a total ripp off especially to the underprivillage small bussineeses so from that experience if no work is given to smaller companies etc as opportunity to grow our people in south africa then my vote is i big NO.
Makes u think does it not....... Take care..... Not chances. A gambler says so.
No, I object to the development.
Its just going to attract
More gangsters in the area
And will destabilize the COMMUNITY In General ...

We need a clean and safe community ...
Thank you for understanding. ...
No, I object to the development.
Wat help dit mense object. Die bouery het al klaar begin.

Dit gaan net alerande gemors hiernatoe laat stroom.
Dit doen afbreek aan die area se natuurskoon.
No, I object to the development.
This affects the beauty of Stellenbosch as a wine region. Any re-zoning, added building as well as casino's places huge amounts on our limited resources in the Western Cape region which affects me as the end user. Not accepting this proposal.
No, I object to the development.
We don't need more casino's. We need more projects that will uplift and not destroy our areas and families
No, I object to the development.
There are far too many in poverty their already.


Application number: 70409828

Applicant/Owner’s details: Messrs Headland Planners Pty Ltd I Southern Sun Hotel Interests Pty Ltd

Erf number or erven numbers: Portion 29 of Stell en bosch Farm No 794, Cnr/o R 102and N2, Somerset West

Purpose of the application:

(a) The rezoning from Open Space Zone 3 to Subdivisional Area Overlay Zone, with underlying rights for General Business 3 Zone, Utility Zone and Open Space Zone 3;

(b) The subdivision of the property into 5 portions,

Portion 1, zoned General Business Zone 3 (approximately 7,6713 ha in extent), for the development of a casino and multiple level parking garage,

Portion 2, zoned General Business Zone 3 (approximately 1,2192 ha in extent), for the development of a 120 room hotel,

Portion 3, zoned Open Space Zone 3 (approximately 12,3076 ha in extent),

Portion 4, zoned Utility Zone (approximately 0,028 ha in extent) and

Portion 5, zoned Open Space Zone 3 (approximately 1,2507 ha in extent);

(c) The permanent departure to permit a combined entrance and exit carriageway crossing of 15,4 m, in lieu of the required 8 m maximum width;

(d) The permanent departure to enable the ground floor of buildings on portions 1 and 2 of the subdivision, to be raised more than 1,5 m above existing ground level, i.e. between 1 ,87 m and 2,623 m, in lieu of the required 1,5 m.



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