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The 2019/20 Budget tabled on 28 March 2019 has changes to the way property rates will be calculated in future.
There is an increase from the point where property rates start to be payable. It was increased from R200 000 to R300 000. The Rate in Rand was lowered from 0.007154 to 0.00555. It represents a 22% drop in the Rate in Rand rate.
The nett effect of these changes is that properties that had a property valuation (GV2018) increase of 30% will be paying the same rates as before. Lower than 30% property valuation will see a decrease in property rates. Those with a property valuation increase (GV2018) of more than 30% will progressively see an increase in their property rates bill.

Table of new Rate in Rand Rates:


The Water Levy (Pipe Levy) and structure to calculate it remained the same. However, the block structure for the way water is charged was changed.
The block structure was changed and Level 3 Water Restriction is Now Level 1  (In effect they renamed the Levels and Level 3 has now become Level 1).   The Water tariff will, therefore, increase from R12.85 for Level 1/Kl to new Level 1 which is R14,91 per Kl.      This represents a 16% increase. The City says the Water Tariff increase was 8.88%.
This change in the block structu
re is a stealth way to increase the Water Tariffs by 16% and calling it an 8.88% increase. 


The Electricity Levy was increased from R150 to R163.32.  (8.88% increase).
Direct Eskom supplied customers still pay less than COCT supplied customers. (28% Cheaper)
Home User Tariff is applicable to the following consumers:
– Credit meters
-Prepayment meters installed at a property valued more than R1m

Domestic Full
-Prepayment meters for properties between R400 000 and R999 999

-Prepayment meter installed and a property value of less than R400 000


Pensioners received no further rebate than in the past in this Budget.
Pensioners earning less than R15 000 per month can apply for the same stepped rebate in their property rates as before.
Please suggest ways in which the City can assist Pensioners to cope with their municipal utility Bills.

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2019-05-24 12:07:53 +02:00
The increase in property taxes and levies is of such magnitude is criminal. The corruption and incompetence of the people running the show is the reason for the shortage. The tax payers should not be further burdened. This leads to less spending and worse economy. Short sited indeed
Water did not increase in price, nor did the cost of getting it to the people. I agree it has to be paid for but a well run and governed organisation does not need to burden its tax payers further. It is short sited and a drain on the economy in the long run.
Eskom corruption is the reason for Eskom being unable to have sustainable solutions. Increases in tariffs will not solve this. It burdens the taxpayers further and decreased public spending which in the long run will decrease the economy. It is a short sited solution that will neither work long term nor short term
My parents are pensioners,, they should be given a break. Apart from my increase in water electricity and property taxes, we also have to support them. There are millions of us in the same boat. Not helping pensioners is not helping the economy to grow.
2019-05-19 17:26:12 +02:00
Why does Cape Town municipality not take into account pensioner earning slightly more than R15000 / month. There is no consideration for a pensioner who has a modest income but has lived in the same house for 40 years and must now pay these unacceptable rates to subsidize the poor. Where will you draw the line.
Electricity increase are totally unnecessary. CoCt should boycott ESKOM and make a stand against the corruption
I fully support the Petition of the Helderberg Residents Association contained in its letter to the City of Cape Town dated 8th April 2019."
2019-05-16 08:59:07 +02:00
Rates are in any case just theft. No councillor has shown him or herself worthy of any payment at all - just look at our decrepit, unrepaired pavements!

The water and electricity levies are entirely unjustified and must be scrapped. Rates - no increase at all, in fact they should drop.

The council for the last 20 years at least has shown themselves to be utterly incompetent.
2019-05-14 17:38:09 +02:00
Property valuations have been increased ridiculously, by over 60% for myself despite no major improvements to my house and a supplemental revaluation 2 years ago for no reason that I should have objected to since there was no basis for this either.
The water pipe/connection levy should be dropped now that Cape Town no longer has the same water restrictions and everyone is in fact using much less water than previous years. Rather make this up by fining/charging the heaviest water users - who can probably afford it more.
I used to be charged R 15 a month before I installed rain water tanks/collection and started using grey water for all toilet flushing. Yet somehow I now pay 10x this. So I use thousands less water a month and pay so much more. People saving water should be rewarded!
Ridiculous that we now pay so much more for electricity. When I first moved into the area, 12 years ago, I paid 33c a unit, now it is almost 6x as much and on top of this a new connection charge for electricity that they sometimes can't even supply (load shedding)!
Pensioners should receive rebate increases inline with the other increases in this budget.
2019-05-12 11:29:33 +02:00
NO! NO! NO!! Utterly fed up with constant increases yet no decent service delivery or improvement within our suburbs!!!
Decent rebates!
2019-05-11 10:30:57 +02:00
20 Broadway Circle
Mitchell's Plain
Why don't you start bill the people that live in Wendy house, they too use peace of land . You want to increase my rates. That has been law binding citizen for years!
Tariffs is ridiculous!!!!!
You should give pensioners preference. Don't pay anything. Where does our tax money go . Huhhh
2019-05-10 14:23:54 +02:00
Sorry I am a bit late, but I have to say it !!!

I think the valuation of properties is unfair. My valuation is up 27%. My property was in the market and I could,t get what it is valuated for now. My problem is that our water supply is from Da Gama Park. If we have problem we must report it the the SA Navy , BUT we pay water and the levy to the Cape Town Municipality.

My son owns property in Pretoria and his municipal valuation is 60% or the selling price.

I personally think the CT municipality must adjust their budget.
See above.
2019-05-10 08:24:21 +02:00
Thank you for the opportunity to say something. We are pay R100. 00 a month for our rates and taxes. But we hve a very small property of about 500sqm. I've check there is large properties in Soeteweide Street that only pay +-R900. 00 a month. Please can I know why we pay so much. Thank you
I'm happy with my water although it's very expensive
Rates of electricity us rediculuis
We are pensioners and get no discount on any bills, from the municipality. Why do you know how little we earn, but it's a bit more then you say but we hve to pay the same for all the other things. Medical aid, medicine and food.
2019-05-08 22:27:01 +02:00
Stealing us blind till the cow dries up.
Who wasted money on water and who saved water and who must pay now . Nobody to vote for . All thieves
Sick and tired of this corruption . Have nothing more to pay and enrich the people who is supposed to run this country
Pensioners should be looked after
2019-05-07 12:19:43 +02:00
The amount of increase on the valuation is just ridiculous
As a property owner 70 years old you give us a rate rebate but nothing on water. OMG when are you people going to learn that a state pension of R1720.00 doesn't go very far and then you introduce these ridiculous tariffs. Please wake up
We pay electricity to Eksdom
As a property owner 70 years old you give us a rate rebate but nothing on water. OMG when are you people going to learn that a state pension of R1720.00 doesn't go very far and then you introduce these ridiculous tariffs. Please wake up


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