Take action against high tariffs


This is a petition to gain support for the people’s struggle against the current unreasonable service tariffs and enforcements being implemented by the City of Cape Town

DearCapeTown plans to hand these signatures and comments to the City of Cape Town.

Since 2017 the City of Cape Town has instituted the following service tariff structures:

  1. Day Zero was removed from 2018 therefore Level 6b Water Tariffs which include an average increase of 500% plus must be removed too.
  2. Approved Electricity Daily Charge of R8.21 per day to be effective from 1 July 2018 must be removed.
  3. Water accounts estimates based on a previous usage period must stop. It is the duty of the city to produce accurate accounts from actual meter readings.
  4. The enforcement of Water Management Devices (WMD) and in many cases, forcing residents to pay for them.

Please have your say in the space provided below: Closing date is 27 March.


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