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The Western Cape Government has asked for your opinion on  the motor vehicle licence (MVL) fee increases for 2019.

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13221 active citizens have participated in this, so far

You are invited to support or object to the amendment by providing comment below. Should you be unsure, please read the live comments, media, summary or documents below.   Closing date is midnight 8 February 2019.

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No I do not
what about a 50% discount to pensioners (people over 60 years of age) on all licences including vehicle licences as their income mostly is very limited, also as as licences is a tax.
No I do not
absolutely not - dreadful service - no licence renewals posted - why pay more for NO SERVICE
No I do not
This Province has the highest licencing fees in South Africa. We do not need another increase. Like everything else it just seems in creases comes easy in the Western Cape and the public has no choice
No I do not
We are already paying so much tax within the petrol price and most people are struggling due to the economy.
No I do not
Your closing date for voting is February 2019, long past, presume it should be February 2020!

The spelling of tariff was also incorrect on the first page of your earlier message, showed "tarrif".

Does nobody check these letters?


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